Structure My Deal

At Shawnee Mission Kia our goal is provide you an exceptional vehicle shopping experience throughout your entire process. We are committed to providing a comfortable, hassle-free and no-pressure experience on your terms. Our "Structure My Deal" tool helps streamline the car buying process by allowing you to easily fill out the Trade-In Appraisal, Personalize Payment, Prequalify For Credit and Apply For Credit forms before arriving at our dealership.

Where to Start?

When buying a car, it's tough to balance being informed and saving time.  That's what our "Structure My Deal" tool will do for you. Click on the "Structure My Deal" button at the top right corner to use various time-saving tools!

Trade-In Appraisal

Our trade-in appraisal tool will allow you to get an instant trade-in value on your current vehicle before you even set foot at our dealership.

Personalize Payment

The Personalize Payment section will help cement realistic expectations for what deal is best for you. In this section you will want to specify whether you'd like to purchase or lease, and make adjustments to fine your perfect monthly payment.

Prequalify For Credit

We can help with any credit concerns you have. Use this tool to provide us with information we need to determine if there are financing options that work for you.

Apply For Credit

With our "Apply For Credit" tool applying for credit is easy. As soon as we process your application one of our experienced finance managers will call you to review your options.

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